Tips for Beginners

Here are some simple and useful Settlers of Catan strategy tips that are easy to commit to memory —

  1. There are 25 Development cards

14 are Soldiers
5 are Victory Points
2 are Road Builder
2 are Year of Plenty
2 are Monopoly

This means that if one player reaches 7 soldiers, he or she cannot be passed.

2. You only have 5 settlements. Once you build your 4th, you should be paying more attention to building a city than another settlement.

3. In a 4 player game, if you hold with 8 cards, there is a 52% chance that someone (including you) will roll a 7 before you get to play again. In a 3 player game, it’s 42%.

4. If you plan to buy a development card and build a road in the same turn, buy the development card first. It may be a road building card and you can save your wood and brick for a settlement.

5. Pay attention to number probabilities. Can’t get on a 6 wheat? Getting on a 3 and 10 will give you the same number over the course of a game.


6. Keep in mind that each roll is independent. Just because you’ve rolled a lot of 4s does not mean you should block the 4 because it’s ‘hot’. Rather. you should block whatever the player needs to ‘compliment’ the 4. For instance, if the 4 is ore, block their wheat hex because they likely need wheat to pair with their ore.

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