Official Launch coming in October!

It’s been a crazy month. Just a few weeks ago at Gen Con I won the Catan World Qualifing Tournament out of over 2000 players who participated. Just so happens that the World Tournament is the exact same weekend as my wedding, so I deferred to the 2nd place player to represent the USA on the world stage. It was still an incredible experience to come out on top after so many games.

Shaking the hand of Guido Teuber, son of designer Klaus Teuber. Photo by Levi Baer

I have a lot of big things planned for the main October launch. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

1. Complete review of the Gen Con World Qualifier tournament and a run down of my Semi-Final and Final games — including a full analysis of placement from the Final Board.

2. Detailed entries on the final 6 Catanments.

3. A stand-alone strategy article addressing a single issue, to present an example of a typical post.

Thanks for sticking with the site through this ‘beta’ period. We will be up and running on all cylinders in just one short month.

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